TDK9's Detection Training Scent Wheel

Detection Training Scent Wheel

Designed by a Trainer for Trainers

Looking to train green dogs from scratch? Looking to polish your final response on trained dogs? Need work on distractions or controls? Our scent training wheels are right for you.

This wheel is the ideal tool for discreet presentations of target odors. Make sure you are training on your target of choice at the odor level you need; not training on built up, contaiminated or residual odors.

These wheels have been proven and their design and construction refined through many months of training multiple canines daily.


Our Detection Training Scent Wheel has many unique features for ease of use and cleaning. Everything is designed to help you get more repetitions on target odor and less time setting up and tearing down.

Easy to add or remove arms

Easy to adjust the height of the scent source

Easy to replace target cans


All hardware is supplied with wing nuts for ease of breakdown and transportation.

Patent Pending Locking Spinner Hub

Easy to adjust the length of the arms

Easy to adjust the height

A tool for all skill levels of dogs.

Reducing target mass or Training off tricky controls  

Polishing up final response with veteran detection dogs, introducing new Targets, Reviewing for certification trials 


Used by Special Operations units in the United States and Europe

First developed and used in research programs these scent wheels have proven their usefulness to trainers of working dogs.


Detection Training Scent Wheel

“I love training dogs. I love finding new and better ways to communicate what I want to the dog so I can show the dog how he can get what he wants.

These scent training wheels help me do just that.